Swimmer Registration-

NOTICE –   Because of Covid 19, it is unfortunate that the FHS swim team is limited to a certain number of swimmers this year (2020-2021. )

Completing registration does NOT guarantee your swimmer’s spot on the FHS Swim Roster.
        *Any returning swimmer must have regional cuts from previous years in order to maintain their spot on the team.

Practice INFO

Anyone NEW TO FHS SWIM please call or email Coach Jill Brewster: JiLLB14@comcast.net   (615) 516-9498

* Must be able to legally swim freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke

* Must either be evaluated by coach OR * Email her proof of times earned (and when/where) from the past 2 years from a USS, YMCA, summer league, GMS, or High School team.

Swimmer 1 Info

(AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc)
neighborhood/nearby neighborhoods- this helps with yard signs and carpool
Swim club/team he/she has been on in the past- also add what city/state if out of Middle Tennessee
NA if none
NA if none
NA if none